Less stops, better quality, increased machine efficiency and a significant reduction in release agent usage.

ScanLube is a full automatic release agent mixing plant, that administer and control the mixing process as well as monitors the sprayprocess. Scanlube, which  has been developed and produced by T.E.L. Nordic since 2001, is helping a range of European HPDC foundries to achieve less stops, better products, less waste and a significant reduction in release agent usage.

Stability, uniformity and a controlled heating balance is the foundation of a stable molding process and a high quality in each products. With Scanlube there is complete control with the release agent concentration as well as a large quantity of other parameters, which is crucial for the product quality.

As the only on the market, Scanlube continually controls the mixing ratio is correct. If the mixture exceeds the defined limits an alarm is sounded, so the problem can be dealt with, before problems occurs in the dies. Scanlube administers pressure and dosage of release agents and thus registers problems with i.e. clogged nozzles in the spraying tools. An alarm points out irregularity, before problems arise, so the expensive unpredicted production stops can be reduced. An investment in T.E.L. Nordics Scanlube plants will benefit you with better product quality, increased machine efficiency, a reduction in release agent usage and a reduction in unforseen machine stops. Process improvements is instant, and the investment is earned back in only a few months.


Scanlube benefits

  • Less stops

  • Better quality

  • Increased production

  • Significant reduced slip agent usage