About us

T.E.L. Nordic is a small engineering and trading company, who helps foundries and businesses who uses cutting processes to optimize their manufactoring processes. Mixing and dosage of release agents are parameters with a significant impact on product quality and thereby the total machine efficiency. This area is often underprioritised, however the improvements our clients experience are so significant, that the investment in our knowledge and our unique process equipment is earned back within few months. T.E.L. Nordics expertise is available in different services and different products. Vi offer, as our name implies: Technology, Equipment og Lubricants.


Technology contains consultancy and design in areas such as pipelines, process layout, and spray technology. We are experts in mixing and dosing release agents, cutting fluids and process oils, and we have advised and assisted a range of production companies by increasing their product quality and production efficiency.


Equipment covers a series of specific products and process plants which vi design, sell and services on behalf of our clients. The core of our equipment program is the unique mixing plant Scanlube, which we have developed and produced since 2001, and have been very succesful among the leading High Pressure Die Casting foundries in Europe.


Lubricants is the foundation of our company, and naturally we offer our clients a vast assortment of carefully chosen products. In Scandinavia we are the leading supplier of Henkel’s products to HPDC (High Pressure Die Casting). In addition we sell a range of supplement products from our own production labels and from other European manufacturers.